New age working hours

Written by: Venessa Vermeulen

Inspirante Labour and Business Consultancy

14 July 2020

Who would ever have thought the world we live in now could change so quickly in the last three months? Evolution is an inevitable process; we cannot run or hide from it. It finds us not matter what.  If you do not adapt you will die, they say. I don’t necessary mean psychically pass away, but rather saying that if you don’t change your physical environment you will die off. Meaning your business will close and or go through a struggle that can lead to such predictability. Therefore you need to adapt and become more flexible.

On the most popular trend now a days is allowing your employees to work from home or around a flexible working schedule. It does not matter where your employees are based if they have a WI-FI connection, business can be conducted, and money can be saved on the rent toward the hiring of a building or office space.

Why love flexibility?

Advantages of flexi time

What to improve on?

Is your business flexible enough for flexible schedules?

The scary truth

  1. Living in the office does not equate to high productivity.

Just because an employee is the first one in the building or the last one to leave does not necessarily equate with productivity.

Would employees have more long-term success if they had the option of applying that same work ethic from home or on-the-go, allowing them to establish a healthier work-life balance

2.Electronic communication is the new normal.

There are advantages to speaking with co-workers face-to-face. However, it is not necessary to have. Zoom, Zoho are a few platforms that ensure communication to be made, as if everyone is within the same room.

3. Business travel is as old as business itself.

We are moving into a space where we can utilise remote interaction with our clients.  Zoom online is a fantastic platform in which you can share your presentation with the other party without being there physically. Currently many workers are adapting to the new way of working at home.

4. Only certain circumstances require you to be in the office.

For those companies that still wish to keep their office space, meaning that you can go into the office to update your admin or do some work. We are still social beings and the human touch and socialising is still very an important factor for our survival

Implementing flexible schedules is a balancing act

Implement a working schedule that ensure individuals to work shifts when needed to come to the office. To ensure social distancing you need to make sure all you policies are updated to current events happening. You should have policies in place that tailors for the current circumstance, Your polices should be well-communicated and ensure that your employees are aware that they need to track their time and compliant

If you feel that flexible is taking away your control over the employees, you need to ask if you have employed the right people to do the work and take responsibility.

Balanced life

A flexible time schedule allows for a healthier work life balance, as people can do work outside the typical 9 – 5 working time.  Through implementing flexible work space do you not only retain a valued member of the team, but you inspire loyalty to the company that helped them avoid a difficult decision.

Be up for the change.

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