3rd May 2021

Your beginning guide to succession planning: The 6 important steps.

Succession planning ensures your company’s future. By the time when a key employee left, you have hired someone (hopefully prepared for the opportunity). Planning is a good tool for retaining the most effective people. These people are usually the kind of people who want to know the direction of their career development through a prepared ongoing succession plan.

Your employees should never attend a two-hour meeting to study the organizational structure, and then return to normal activities and forget about them.    You need to guide them to live and breathe their career.

This process normally continues after start-up. Your company should review this annually to ensure that employees are on the right path and whether there are any changes or changes within the company. Below are a few tips (Insperity, n.d.)

Inspirante Labour and Business Consultancy can help you create your succession plan

  1. Know your company.

Regarding succession planning, it is important to understand that this is not a one-stop process. To take full advantage of succession planning, the company's top management must first clearly understand who your company is to plan appropriately. Consider the example of an energy company and Tesla. An electricity supplier is a company that guarantees stability and reliability to customers, while Tesla focuses on First-class, hardworking people, there is no right or wrong here. This only means that different types of companies are looking for different types of leaders. Knowing who your company is will help you identify potential new leaders. (Insperity, n.d.)

  1. Look at your organisation as a whole.

The next step is to evaluate your current workforce to identify key positions and people, considering that key people sometimes hold support positions rather than management positions. Yes, you need to implement staff succession planning, but what about store managers who never know the problems they cannot solve? Or is it a customer service representative who every customer likes and asks for their name? The key to successful succession planning is that you supervise all employees and make sure they are not doing so. I miss an important person or position.

Inspirante Labour and Business Consultancy can help you create your succession plan

  1. Determine your strategy.

The best succession plan is the one that suits your company. To help you determine the best option for your company, please consider the following questions:

  • Do you need a complete succession plan that covers all positions and personnel in the company? Or do you want a succession plan that covers only senior managers and other key leadership positions?
  • Does the manager’s certification include the identification and training of successors? Does your company have certain weaknesses, such as
  • A high percentage of employees retiring in a particular What is your goal? What results do you expect?

Any succession plan should look at what you can do to actively retain the large amount of institutional knowledge that affects the company’s performance. (Insperity, n.d.)

  1. Identify your key employees.

Once you have identified the key roles, you need to find two to three people who can take on these key roles. This requires you to objectively observe employee performance and delete personal attachments. Extroverts are considered to be promoted, but sometimes the best performers are not the most conspicuous. Therefore, you need to carefully consider each person's abilities and emotional intelligence. Your most potential employees are those with lifelong learning, self-confidence, and social awareness. They will also be excellent problem solvers, adaptable and able to take on more responsibilities. You should avoid promoting people who tend to engage in office drama, resist change, and spread negative emotions.

Inspirante Labour and Business Consultancy can help you create your succession plan

  1. Take tough decisions and discussions.

You also need to talk to your employees to understand what their career goals are, their views on the future, and the developments they (and you) believe are necessary to achieve that goal. Not interested in funds with high potential. well. You need to organize powerful people at all levels. Succession planning can now be a powerful planning tool. The organization improves customer loyalty and corporate culture. However, to reap the benefits, it is important to communicate how and why you were selected to move forward. It also shows employees who cannot be promoted at least temporarily. For those who have no plans for promotion, they should be willing to share the difficult decisions they made and discuss some of your options. (Insperity, n.d.)

  1. Understand that growth does not have to always go forward.

Your employees are the backbone of the company, especially those who work well and are solid every day. However, some of these employees may not have the potential for promotion because they are already doing what they do best. The right reason or just because they are not interested in upgrading the company’s ladder. This is where your definition of growth needs to expand, not just to include upward mobility. Employees can also grow and develop on a global scale through continuous positioning. Improve your current work and even find new meaning in it. To make your solid Sam happy, make sure they feel valued. These employees need to realize that they will not be promoted just because they are promoted. This does not mean that you cannot be the best in your current job. Let them know that you will continue to help them grow so that they stay fresh at work. This includes training less experienced employees or encouraging them to speak at industry conferences. When it comes to personal development, the possibilities are endless. Most importantly, even if they are not in senior management, make sure that they believe that their contribution is critical to the success of the organization. Not sure where to start the company's succession planning? (Insperity, n.d.)

Inspirante Labour and Business Consultancy can help you create your succession plan


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