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10th November 2022
How Does HR Outsourcing Reduce Costs?

As a small business owner, the first thing you think about is, what will it cost to get a HR consultant? As a business or a business owner one of the challenges you sometimes need to face is when you are trying to reduce cost but at the same time trying to maximise the operations. […]

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20th December 2021

The Z’s in peacefulness Can you believe it, another year has gone by? And being in the festive mood makes it even more serial. If you are anything like me, you work the whole year through only to look forward to the relaxing and peaceful time at the end of the year. But in all […]

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3rd May 2021
Your beginning guide to succession planning: The 6 important steps.

Succession planning ensures your company’s future. By the time when a key employee left, you have hired someone (hopefully prepared for the opportunity). Planning is a good tool for retaining the most effective people. These people are usually the kind of people who want to know the direction of their career development through a prepared […]

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21st April 2021
6 stay interview questions that top employers ask

If you are just learning about stay interviews, you can imagine yourself facing a key member of the team in the office and that member just stopped trying to persuade the employee to stay in your office or organization. If there is nothing you can do, you should wait for the employee to leave the […]

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23rd March 2021
Do you need to retrench?

What is retrenchment? Retrenchment, it's a sort of dismissal, once an employer reviews their business needs to increase profits or limit losses that's when the employer should cut back on the workers operating for the company, however this is not the employees fault. The employer must provide a fair reasons for making the choice to […]

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8th March 2021
Workplace skills plan

After reading this article you should call us and get your skills development plan in order. Companies are required to submit a workplace skills plan yearly for submission to their applicable SETA. This allows organizations to be held responsible for the implementation of skills improvement of their applicable sector and industry. What is a WSP? In an article […]

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1st March 2021
The new minimum wage 2021

Why minimum wage is important? The process of implementing and setting up  a minimum wage began around 1999,but only truly came into effect around 2002. It all started when a trade union investigated the working conditions versus what the individual got paid. The minimum wage was then introduced around protecting domestic workers from exploitation and […]

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24th February 2021
What is Human Resource Management

The term human resource management and employee relations are often heard in the public press as well as industry experts. Each time you hear these terms, the image of an efficient manager busy working in a dazzling office comes to mind. Seriously?” By providing a broad overview of the subject and introducing readers to the […]

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14th July 2020
New age working hours

Written by: Venessa Vermeulen Inspirante Labour and Business Consultancy 14 July 2020 Who would ever have thought the world we live in now could change so quickly in the last three months? Evolution is an inevitable process; we cannot run or hide from it. It finds us not matter what.  If you do not adapt […]

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7th July 2020
Why you need to outsource your HR?

How many of you get home after work, feeling exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed? In our daily lives there are many factors playing part. As a business owner you try to do everything yourself, why? Because you want to save cost. But do you really save cost, or are you trying to confuse your subconsciousness. This […]

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